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1 Alen Dervisevic 4,991
2 Salma Mohammed 3,102
3 Sani aliyu Rabah 2,919
4 Sarah Salminen 2,695
5 Fathima 2,435
6 Pullolade 2,418
7 Matheem Ahmed 2,183
8 علي جماح 1,911
9 Ismail E 1,706
10 Atiiyyah 1,620
11 محمد ثابت طاهر 1,578
12 Mustafa Mohammed 1,295
13 Suzanne Whitaker 1,237
14 Ian Paris 1,235
15 Mustapha Hassan 1,163
16 Hanaa Elarbi 1,142
17 Umamah Malik 1,135
18 Aadil Ishtiaq 1,126
19 SURYANTO 1,117
20 Farrukh Fayzulaev 1,064
21 Fahad Ahmed 1,060
23 sarah rana 1,045
24 Mahmuda Anbar 1,043
25 Davi John Simundo Palo 1,041

Our Most Popular Courses

wudu chart-fard of wudu-nullifiers of wudu

Fiqh of Purification & Description of Wudu (Ablution)

Learn how to make wudu properly according to the Sunnah.

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ayat al kursi AlQuran - ayatol kursi

Tafseer of Ayat Al-Kursi – The Greatest verse in the Quran (Short Course)

In this short course you will learn the right understanding of Ayat al-Kursi from excerpts taken from Tafseer Sa'di.

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surah qariah in english - al qariah

Tafseer of Surah al-Qariah (The Striking Hour) Short Course

Study the basic tafseer of Surah al-Qariah (The Striking Hour)

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surah al zalzalah english transliteration - surah zilzal in english

Tafseer of Surah ‘Al-Zalzalah’ “The Quake”

In this short course you will learn the explanation of the Madani Surah Al-Zalzalah

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surah al fatiha in english-al-fatiha in arabic -l-fatiha meaning

Tafseer of Surah Al-Fatiha Short Course from Tafseer Sa’di

Learn the explanation most often recited chapter of the Quran from authentic sources

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surah al asr-surah al humazah-surah al feel

Tafseer of the Chapters 103-105 al-‘Asr, al-Humazah and al-Fil

What happened to the Army that came to destroy the Holy Kabah? Take this course to find out.

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surah adiyat - surah 100 - surah adiyat translation

Tafseer of Surah ‘Al-Aadiyaat’ “The Courser Horses”

What does Allah mention about horses in the Quran? and why? Take this short course to find out!

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surah takasur surah 102 surat at takasur

Tafseer of Surah ‘At-Takaathur’ “Competition for worldly gains”

What does Takaathur mean? where does it lead a person to? Study it all in this short course

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surah quraish surah al maun surah kausar - (surah 106 - surah 107 - surah 108)

Tafseer of Chapters: Quraysh, Mao’oon and Kawthar Chapters 106-108

Study the explanation of often recited chapters of the Quran to increase your khushoo in Salah.

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The Three Fundamental Principles with Ijazah

Study a detailed answer to the three most important questions that you will be asked in your grave!

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