Common Excuses for Offering the Prayers & How to Overcome

The Satan is always in search of misguiding the Muslims from the true path. That is why, though the congregational prayers are stressed upon so much in Islam, sometimes the Muslims make some common excuses for Offering the prayers. Some of these excuses and how to overcome them are discussed below:

Common Excuses for Offering the Prayers & How to Overcome

No time (work, study, busy, etc.) :

Pure and simple deception. In reality, you haven’t given prayers priority. If you pay attention to prayer, Allah will bless your time and make you more effective, efficient and successful.

My heart is clean:

Allah judges your heart whether clean or not, and He commanded you to pray! Actions will reflect what is in your heart. No one has a cleaner heart than Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him) who used to pray regularly.

My alarm:

It’s hard for your alarm to go off, if you don’t SET it!!! Purify your intention and sleep according to the Sunnah.

I’m sinning too much:

In time, your prayers will prevent you from committing these sins – just pray! You are sinning because you are not praying.

Contemplate over this hadith, “If they knew the merits of the Isha and Fajr prayers, they would come to them (in the mosque) even if they had to crawl.”

Final Thoughts

These are just some of the main excuses, however, everyday one makes such an excuse to miss a prayer that will not even take more than 10 minutes. What excuse for abandoning prayer do you honestly have when you face your Lord on that difficult Day? May Allah the Almighty guide us towards becoming practicing and true Muslims, aameen.

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