The Four Foundations

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Al Qawāid Al Arab’a (The Four Foundations) is the second treatise which is studied as part of the student of knowledge’s curriculum. Great importance was placed on this treatise for many reasons,from them:

  • The advice from our scholars to study it.
  • It includes refutations of the doubts of modern-day polytheists.
  • Following the path of the scholars from the pious predecessors.ةَلوهُّسلا
  • Because it is a summary of the book ‘Kashf Al Shubuhāt’(Unveiling the doubts).
  • We begin with this book, rather than beginning with Kashf Ash Shubuhāt, so that the student of knowledge is not influenced by any of the doubts contained within it(i.e., Kash Ash Shubuhāt).

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