Names of Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) – Famous Names & Titles

All the names of Prophet Muhammad ﷺ are not just purely names for acquaintances. Rather all his names provide some description about his character and are derived from his characteristics. Every name of the Messenger ﷺ is a pure one and requires some exceptional praise. There are many beautiful and pure names of the last Messenger, however, in this post you will find the most prominent names of the Holy Prophet ﷺ.

Names of Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) - Famous Names & Titles


The name Muhammad is sometimes written as Muhammed or Muhamad or Mohammad or Mohammed or Mohamed or in other different ways. It is one of the most famous and praised name of the Allah’s Messenger ﷺ. Exact same name is mentioned in Torah is well. The meaning of Muhammad is the Praiseworthy one/ the one who is being praised for his qualities.


Ahmad also sometimes referred to as Ahmed is another beautiful name of Prophet Muhammad ﷺ. It has almost similar meaning as the name Muhammad. The name Ahmad means a highly praised or most praised one. The Prophet Essa عليه السلام also referred the last Messenger of Allah with this name.

Al – Mutawakkil

The name Mutawakkil is emerged from Arabic word “Tawakkul”, which means complete reliance (or relying on Allah). The Last Prophet ﷺ completely relied on Allah in every walk of life especially in establishing, spreading and upholding the religion. No one in the history of mankind had Tawakkul on Allah as the Prophet Muhammad did ﷺ.

Al – Mahi

The literal meaning of the word Mahi are the Eradicator. The Prophet ﷺ got this name because He was sent down to eradicate and remove disbelief. We can see how successfully, He ﷺ removed the disbelief from whole world and spread the word of Allah across the globe.

Al – Hashir

The word/ name Hashir in Arabic means the Assembler. Prophet Muhammad ﷺ was not sent for some specific region or caste or group of people. Rather, He was the Prophet of entire mankind. That is why He is known as Al-Hashir ﷺ, as he assembled the whole mankind and brought them together.

Al – Aaqib

Aaqib means the seal or final. As a Muslim it is our belief that there is no prophet after Prophet Muhammad ﷺ. So He is Al-Aaqib, meaning the seal of all the prophets, so there will be no more prophets after Him.

Al – Muqaffi

Muqaffi means a follower or successor of something. Prophet Muhammad ﷺ was sent as the last prophet for mankind, but he followed the similar path of Allah on which the prophets and messengers before him were.

Prophet of Repentance

The Prophet Muhammad ﷺ was sent as a prophet of forgiveness and repentance. We can see from the history how He pardoned everyone, even the core enemies. The Prophet ﷺ exceeded everyone in the history of mankind in forgiveness, tolerance and compassion.

Prophet of Fierce Battle

Starting From Badr, Uhad and Hunain to conquering of Mecca, the Prophet ﷺ was a fierce fighter. During his time, every battle was quite ferocious, but He ﷺ was always their along with his men. The battles were always for the cause of Allah and upholding the religion and the Holy Prophet ﷺ always fought with bravery.

Prophet of Mercy

Prophet of Mercy ﷺ

The last Prophet ﷺ of Allah was sent as a role model of mercy for whole mankind to follow. No one has ever existed in the whole history of human life that was so much tolerant, merciful and compassionate. Whether it was the battlefield, the peace time or any other aspect of life, the Prophet ﷺ was not only merciful for Muslims, but He equally displayed complete mercy for disbelievers as well.

Al – Fatih

The Holy Prophet ﷺ is also known as Al-Fatih which mean the Opener. By the mercy of Allah, the Prophet Muhammad ﷺ opened the door to belief and guidance. During his time, the blind eyes, deaf ears and covered hearts were opened for Imaan and Islam. He opened the doors to Jannah and a path to eternal success.

Al – Ameen

Everyone knows that Prophet Muhammad ﷺ was well known as Al-Ameen, even among the disbelievers. Ameen means the most trusted and trustworthy one. Even before Prophet hood, the disbelievers of the Quraish gave him this title due to his exceptional qualities of trust. Moreover, Allah has trusted him with his revelation Quran and the religion Islam.

Al – Basheer

The true meaning of Al-Basheer is the one who conveys good news. Prophet Muhammad ﷺ always was sent to give good news about some exceptional awards and rewards to all those who believe.

Master of the Children of Adam

According to a Hadith by Holy Prophet ﷺ, narrated in At-Tirmidhi (3615), “I am the master of the children of Adam — this is not a boast”

As Siraj Al Muneer

This title is given to Prophet ﷺ, as He is the one who brought light in to the world of darkness without burning or destroying anything. This name is quite opposite to the word “Wahhaaj”, which means a type of light that causes burning as well.


The name Abdullah means the servant of Allah or worshipper of Allah. The prophet Muhammad ﷺ was at the most unique and highest level of worship. He submitted his life completely with reverence to Allah by fulflilling all levels of worship and submission to Allah (known as Ubudiyyah khaśśah).

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