Physical Appearance and Physique of Prophet Muhammad S.A.W.W

The Prophet Muhammad ﷺ is the last messenger of Allah and every true Muslim has a great love and respect for him. This article will discuss about the physical appearance and physique of Holy Prophet ﷺ based on verified references.

Physical Appearance and Physique of Prophet Muhammad S.A.W.W

General Description

As per the sayings of Prophet ﷺ, “Indeed Allah took me as His close friend (Khaleel) just as He took Ibrahim (A.S) as His close friend”. This Hadith clearly depicts how closed and pure the relationship between Allah and Muhammad ﷺ was.

One of the most complete, accurate and comprehensive description of the Prophet Muhammad ﷺ is described by himself. As per his Hadith, “I am Muhammad, a servant of Allah and his Messenger, I do not like that you raise me above my rank that Allah has placed me at.”

The Holy Prophet ﷺ was the best in whole mankind; both creation and manners wise. Allah said in the Holy Quran (Al-Qalam: 4), “And indeed, you (Muhammad) are of a great moral character”. About the character of prophet, Aisha Siddiqua (R.A) said, “His moral character was the Hold Quran.” By acting upon Holy Quran, observing its laws, he was pleased with what it was pleased with and angry with what it was angry with.

Noble Body of Prophet Muhammad ﷺ

Regarding the description of Holy Prophet ﷺ, According to Anas (R.A), Allah’s Messenger had a very fair complexion and (the drops) of his perspiration (sweat) shone like pearls, and when he walked he walked inclining forward, and I never touched brocade and silk (and found it) as soft as the softness of Allah’s Messenger’s palm and I never smelt musk or ambergris and found its fragrance as sweet as the fragrance of Allah’s Messenger (P.B.U.H).

Stature of Holy Prophet ﷺ

As per sayings of Al-Baraa ibn Azib (R.A), “The Prophet was of moderate height. I saw him wearing a red suit, and I did not see anything better than him.”

Facial Features Prophet Muhammad ﷺ

Ka’ab ibn Malik (R.A) said, “When I greeted the Messenger of Allah, whose face was glittering with happiness, for whenever Allah’s Messenger ﷺ was happy, his face used to glitter, as if it was a piece of the moon, and we used to recognize it (i.e. his happiness) from his face.”

Once Al-Baraa (R.A) was asked whether the Holy Prophet Muhammad ﷺ face was like the sword to which he replied: No, it was like the moon.

His ﷺ Hair

Anas ibn Malik (R.A) narrates: “The Prophet ﷺ had big hands, and I have never seen anybody like him after him. The hair of the Prophet ﷺ was wavy, neither curly nor straight.” This narration gives a clear description about the Prophet’s hair.

Eyes of Holy Prophet ﷺ

In one narration, Jabir ibn Samurah (R.A) reported about the face and eyes of Prophet ﷺ. He said that Allah’s Messenger ﷺ had a broad face with reddish (wide) eyes, and lean heels.

His ﷺ Sweat

Anas ibn Malik (R.A) reported that the Messenger of Allah ﷺ used to come to our house and nap and there was perspiration (sweat) upon his body. My mother brought a bottle and began to pour the sweat in that. When the Messenger of Allah ﷺ got up, he said: “Umm e Sulaim, what is this that you are doing?” Thereupon she said: “That is your sweat which we mix in our perfume and it becomes the most fragrant perfume.”

Seal of Prophethood

The Prophet ﷺ had the seal of prophethood between his shoulders. The seal was something distinct on his body like a birth mark. Jabir ibn Samurah (R.A) said: “And I saw the seal near his shoulder, it was the size of a pigeon’s egg and its color was the same as that of his body.”

One can clearly see how pure, complete and perfect our Prophet Muhammad ﷺ was. That is why he was an epitome of perfection, not only in manners but in his physique and characteristics as well. All the above features and characteristics regarding his ﷺ physique and physical appearance are based on the authentic narrations of the companions (R.A) of the Holy Messenger ﷺ.

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