Tawheed and Different Types of Tawheed

The greatest obligation that Allah has commanded with is Tawheed (or Toheed or Tauheed).

tawheed and types of toheed

What is meant by the term Tawheed?

  1. Tawheed in the Arabic language means: To make something one and single it out.
  2. Tawheed in the context of Aqidah refers to: ‘Singling out Allah in all attributes and actions that are specific to Him.’ This includes attributes of Allah being the Lord, Creator and Provider; Making all our Worship sincerely for Him as well as singling out Allah in His names and attributes.

What are the Different Types of Tawheed?

There are three main types:

  1. Tawheed ar-Rububiyyah: To single out Allah in all His actions i.e. He is the only one who creates; He is the only one who provides; He is the only one who possesses the kingdom; He is the only one who decrees etc.
  2. Tawheed al- Uluhiyyah: It is to single out Allah in Worship i.e., in your actions of worship you have to maintain Tawheed.
  3. Tawheed al-Asma was Sifat: To single out Allah in every name and attribute He has given to His self or His Messenger has described him with. A person must affirm everything which Allah affirmed for Himself, and negate everything which Allah negated for Himself. This must be done without:
  4. Tahrif: Altering the words of the Quran.
  5. Tatil: Negating the actual name or attribute by falsely interpreting their meanings due to a lack of evidence.
  6. Takyif: Asking ‘how’ the attributes of Allah are, or questioning them.
  7. Tamthil: Comparing His attributes to the attributes of creation.

Why Should we Study Tawheed?

  • It is the religion of the followers of Ibrahim.
  • It is the command for the prophets to spread to all the people. All of creation was created for it.
  • It is the greatest command of Allah.
  • So we don’t fall into Shirk which is the greatest prohibition of Allah.
  • There is nothing more beneficial to the heart than Tawheed and making our actions sincere for Him.
  • There is nothing more harmful to the heart than Shirk.
  • For this reason, the Messengers were sent to the people and the books were revealed.
  • Tawheed expiates the sins, guarantees Paradise and saves a person from the Fire.
  • Actions are not accepted without Tawheed.
  • Every Āyah in the Quran refers to Tawheed, is an evidence for it and calls to it.
  • Tawheed is a cause for peace of mind, tranquility, guidance, peace, safety, the delight of Īmān and the intercession of the Prophet ﷺ. 
  • Nothing removes the problems, difficulties and calamities of the Worldly life more than Tawheed.

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