Ten Matters Which Invalidate a Person’s Islam

One must know that the matters which invalidate a person’s Islam are ten:

First Invalidator

Shirk (ascribing partners) in the worship of Allah (the Most High).

Ten Matters Which Invalidate a Persons Islam

Allah (the Most High) said: “Indeed Allah does not forgive that partners are ascribed to Him, however He forgives anything other than that for whoever He wills.” [04:116]

The Most High said: “Verily, whoever sets up partners with Allah (in worship), then Allah has made Paradise forbidden for him and the Fire will be his abode. There will be no helpers for the Oppressors.” [5:72]

Included in this is slaughtering for other than Allah such as a person sacrificing for a Jinn or towards a grave.

Second Invalidator

Whoever sets up intermediaries between himself and Allah; supplicating to them, requesting intercession from them and having Tawakkul upon them. [Such a person] has disbelieved by the agreement [of the Scholars].

Third Invalidator

A person who does not consider the Mushrikun (Polytheists) to be disbelievers, doubts their disbelief or considers their ideology to be correct. [Such a person has] disbelieved.

Forth Invalidator

Whoever believes that the guidance of somebody other than the Prophet is more perfect than the guidance of the Prophet ﷺ; or the laws of other than the Prophet are better than the laws of the Prophet ﷺ like the person who prefers the laws of the Tawaghit (false deities). [Such a person has] disbelieved.

Fifth Invalidator

If a person hates anything which the Messenger ﷺ came with, even if the person performs the action. [Such a person has] disbelieved.

Sixth Invalidator

A person who makes a mockery of anything of the religion of the Prophet ﷺ, its rewards or punishments. [Such a person has disbelieved].

The evidence for this is the saying of Allah (the Most High): “Say: Was it at Allah, His Signs, His Messenger that you used to make mockery of? Do not make any excuse, indeed you have disbelieved after your Iman.” [9:65-66]

Seventh Invalidator

Magic; included in this is ways of turning a person away from something he loves or swaying a person to love something [through magic]. So, whoever does this or is pleased with it being done has disbelieved.

Allah (the Most High) says: “They (the two Jinn) would not teach this to anybody except saying: we are only a trial so do not disbelieve.” [02:102]

Eighth Invalidator

Supporting and helping the Mushrikun (Polytheists) over the Muslims.

The evidence is the saying of Allah (the Most High): “Whoever wholeheartedly supports them and takes them as friends is surely from amongst them. Verily Allah does not guide the oppressive people.” [05:51]

Ninth Invalidator

Whoever believes it is permissible for some people to be outside the Shariah of Muhammad ﷺ, just as it was permissible for Khizr to be outside the Shariah of Musa (A.S), [Such a person has] disbelieved

Tenth Invalidator

Completely turning away from the religion of Allah, by not learning it nor acting by it.

The evidence is the saying of Allah (the Highest): “Who is oppressing than the one who, when the Verses of his Lord are mentioned, completely turns away from them. Indeed, we will exact retribution from the criminals (disbelievers).” [32:22]

Ten Invalidators of Islam – Final Words

There is no difference in all of these matters which invalidate a person’s Islam whether a person is [doing them] in jest, with intent or out of fear except if a person is compelled to do them. All of these matters are the most dangerous and yet most common of what takes place. So, it is befitting that a Muslim takes caution and fears for himself regarding them. We seek refuge in Allah from anything that causes His anger and His painful punishment. May Allah send salutations upon the best of His creation Muhammad ﷺ, his family and companions, and grant them peace.

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