The Differences between Major and Minor Shirk

Some of the main differences between Major and Minor shirk are given below:

Major ShirkMinor Shirk
Takes one outside of the fold of IslamDoes not take one outside the fold of Islam
It destroys all the good deeds.It does not destroy all the good deeds, but only the deed that is present in.
The one who dies upon it, will be in the Fire forever.The one who dies upon it, will not be in the Fire forever.
It makes the blood and wealth permissible for the Muslim Ruler.It does not make the blood and wealth permissible for the Muslim Ruler.
There is proof which shows that it is Major.There is proof to show that it is Minor.
Believes that the means has a special powers in the universe.To make a means something that Allah did not make a means.
It is not forgiven, if one dies without repenting.Every sin that leads to Major Shirk is Minor Shirk.
If one repents, Allah will accept the repentance except in two cases: If the sun rises from the West or right at the moment of death. Everything that the Qur’an and authentic Hadith mention as Shirk or Kufr in the indefinite  form and there are no other proofs that show that it is Major. 

May Allah save us all Muslims from every type of shirk and its consequences.

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