Fiqh Of Fasting, Zakat Al-Fitr & Eid

You’ll learn the Fiqh Of Fasting, Zakat Al-Fitr & Eid Explained thoroughly and crystal clear, including the Zakat, Eid and Various Actions and Sicknesses Regarding Fasting throughout the course.

The Four Foundations

Al Qawāid Al Arab’a (The Four Foundations) is the second treatise which is studied as part of the student of knowledge’s curriculum. Great importance was placed on this treatise for many reasons,from them:

Concise Biography of the Prophet

A Concise Biography of the Prophet صلى الله عليه وسلم and His Special Traits. ھیثم بن محمَّد سرحانShaykh Haytham ibn Muhammad SarhānFormer teacher in Al-Masjid An-Nabawi May Allah forgive our Shaykh and his parents and aid him in producing thiswork. Translated byIbraheem Abu Tameem Al-Mubtasim

The Three Fundamental Principles with Ijazah

Important Notices: Authored by: Imam: Muhammad Ibn Abdul-Wahhab May Allah bestow his Mercy upon him (1115-1206AH/1703-1792CE) Explanation by: Sheikh Haytham Ibn Muhammad Sarhan Former Teacher at the Prophet’s Mosque

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