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Cours sur divers sujets islamiques tels que Wudu (Ablution), Salah (la prière), Zakat, Aqeedah (la croyance) et plus ...

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Certificates will be Issued upon completion of each course

Flexibly Study

You may study at your own pace and will.

Authentic Material

All our courses are upon Quran & Sunnah.

Our Most Popular Courses


Apprenons ensemble هيا بنا نتعلم

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Exégèse du Sourate Alfatiha et les courtes Sourates

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les leçons importantes pour l'ensemble de la communité

L’explication du livre les leçons importantes à l’ensemble de la communauté

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L’explication des trois questions de la tombe

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Under the Supervision of Shaikh Haythem Sarhan

Shaikh Haythem is a senior person of knowledge and a former teacher at Prophet's Mosque in Medina. His Books are translated into 60+ languages.

Yes, all of the courses at Islamic Online College  are totally free of charge and will always remain that way.

You can study at your own pace and time, there is no set time limit.

Once you complete the course and all tests on your account portal download certificate button will appear.

What Our Students Have to Say

There are no words to express my gratitude to the Sheikh for offering this comprehensive course in such a simple, super duper interesting and attractive manner.
Jeddah, Saudi Arabia
I am really overwhelmed to be a part of this programme. It helped a lot to me to bring changes in common mistakes I used to do. Grateful to the Shaikh for making this programme happen.
Karnataka, India
I would first like to thank Allah the almighty for providing such an amazing opportunity of learning about islam and testing my knowledge on different topics within such a short duration of time. I am also thankful to the Shaikh for such a unique programme of teaching deen and giving the opportunity to a large mass of people to learn more about our religion.
I would like to thank Shaykh Haytham (حفظه الله) for starting this beautiful series of teaching the fundamentals of the deen upon the manhaj of the salaf as Salih in a very easy to understand manner and especially in the English language, for verily there was a great void and English speaking audience were heavily deprived of learning the Deen from correct sources and upon the correct manhaj.
Pune, India
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